I Have Retired Studio 309’s Illustration and Design Services

After over 30 years of self-employment as an illustrator & designer, I have decided to turn my attention toward more personal pursuits — painting, family, travel, home projects, and some much needed escape from deadlines! It’s been a blast, but it’s time for something different.

As of spring 2022, I have said farewell to my clients — many of whom had been with me since the beginning. I’ve moved my remote studio home, and have picked up my brushes and headed out to do more plein air painting.

That last part — plein air painting — is something I started doing in 2015, while I was still running my business. Now I can turn more focus toward that endeavor and the fresh air that accompanies it. You can see the growing gallery of my recent paintings on my fine art site at jerryrussellart.com. To see some of my illustration and design work from the Studio309 Years, click the links below.



I’ve decided to go with the big-ol’ pile of art” approach, rather than compile several illustration portfolios based on style or medium or market. Within the pile, I’ve attempted to maintain some kind of order, and to show examples of my range of styles. New work will be added to the pile periodically. These are commercial pieces done for clients, and include a range of styles, from pen and ink to digital color and 3D modeling. They are roughly arranged by style.




Well, yes, I do some design too. In fact, a good portion of my business is design — logos, packages, trade show displays, web graphics… I was raised on Quark­Xpress and Aldus Freehand [if you remember Aldus, you’re as old as me].Today, I use the Adobe Creative Suite: In­Design, Illus­trator and Photo­shop. For 3D design and illus­tration work, I use Carrara, Strata Design 3DCX, and occasionally, Z-brush.


Fine Art Link

fine art at jerryrussellart.com

I only separate fine art from illus­tration because these are most­ly land­scapes, sea­scapes and still-life I’ve done for my own en­joy­ment — although some of them have led to com­mercial work and com­missions.

My available original paintings are housed on a separate website at: jerryrussellart.com

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. Vincent Van Gogh