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Studio Moving Sale


Studio 309 is moving.
The building I rent studio space in is for sale, so I’m setting up shop at home and selling stuff that I don’t have room for, or that I don’t need.

All items will be available for pickup at my studio.
No shipping, pickup only!

Studio 309 is located at
1987 State Rt. 31, Chittenango (Lakeport) NY
(side door, upstairs)

If my bright green car is here, so am I!

Below are some of the things I have for sale.

Prices are firm, because, y’know… they’re reasonable, and whatnot.

Plein Air Pochade (Home Made)

I made this rig based on others I had seen, and modified it for portability and expansion/utility. It served me well for a few years. I made another rig in a different style a couple years ago and I’m using that one now.


  • 11″ x 14″ glass mixing area
  • Adjustable angle easel, locks in place with thumb knobs.
  • Overall closed dimensions: 12″ x 15″ x 3″
  • Standard camera tripod mount on bottom. Positioned so box is balanced when open and loaded with paints & panel/canvas.
  • Will comfortably handle 12″ x 16″ panel
  • Weight: about 5 lbs
  • Fits in a laptop-sized backpack


Fredrix 16 x 20 Watercolor Canvas (2)

Stretched canvas prepared for use with watercolor and other water media.


Library Bookcase

37.5″ w x 12″ d x 89″ h

I will disassemble it so it’ll fit in your car.


Light Box 18" x 24"

24″ w x 18″ d x 3.5″ h

Works fine. Missing glass, but can be used as is.


Vintage Smith Victor Photo Light Stands

Two light stands with reflectors. Extra booms and attachments.


LARGE Painting and Frame

40″ x  50″ stretched canvas with wood frame and cheesy painting. 

  • Hang it on your wall
  • Paint over the painting
  • Reuse the stretchers
  • Add a robot to the landscape


Drawing / Drafting Board

36″ w x 24″ h

With straight edge. 
In good shape, I just have too many of these. 🙂


Combination Fluorescent / Incandescent Work Light

Works fine, I just have too many work lights.
Missing the clamp that attaches it to a desk. I just drill a hole in a piece of wood, clamp the wood to the desk and stick the lamp in the hole. Works like a charm.


Vintage Portfolio 11" x 14" Pages

I’ve had this since the 1980s.
I haven’t used it since the turn of the century.
FREE to a good home.


Masterson 12 x 12 Stay Wet Palette

12″ x 12″ h

Used, but not much. Needs a little cleaning — has some dried acrylic paint on it. A little warm water … good as new-ish.


Various Books

  • Anatomy, Perspective and Composition (HC)   SOLD
  • Arts & Ideas Textbook (PB)
  • The Practice of Tempera Painting (PB)
  • Learning How to Paint in Oils by Les Daniels (HC)
  • Business and Legal Forms for Illustrators (PB)
  • Graphic Artist’s Handbook (PB)
  • Marker Rendering Techniques (HC)
  • Design Rendering Techniques (HC)
  • Digital Imaging and PEI (Photo Electronic Imaging) magazines. FREE

$1 (PaperBack)   $3 (HardCover)

Stanley Mitre Saw

Needs rust removed on the blade and uprights, otherwise in good shape. It’s been in storage for a long time.


Various Frames

  • Small frames for panel or canvas – $2 ea.
  • Glass & panel Clip frames 8 x 10 (4),  11 x 14 (2) $2 ea, $10 for all
  • Multi-photo frame  $1
  • Black metal with glass  $2
  • Gold plein-air frame  $10
  • Plastic floater frame  $1
  • 13″ x 19″ dark wood photo frame (NEW)  $5

$1 – $10 priced as marked

Staples No. 10 Window Envelopes

Almost full box – there are probably 495 out of 500 envelopes. Not gonna count them. Nuh-uh. See photo.


18 x 24 Frame (and painting)

Wood frame with an ultramarine blue stain on the liner. Maybe you can clean it, or paint the liner. Or, sell the painting “Mont St. Michele” by J. O’D for a zillion dollars and buy an island. The painting is on hardboard, so it could be reused, if you don’t loooove the painting.


Prints of my paintings

I also have a number of prints for sale (as always). Most are archival prints done on museum quality fine art paper. You need to see them in person to appreciate the quality. Of course, everything is pick-up only right now, so, it’s kinda unavoidable that you’ll see them in person. Prints range in size from 8 x 10 to 11 x 17.

$10 – $90

Framed Fungus Prints

I have a bunch of framed prints of my Fungus Photography.
(Another hobby of mine – photographing fungus in the wild.)

You can keep the framed print, or reuse the frame and mat for your own work.

The frames are kinda dented, but I “distressed” a couple of them further, and it looks pretty OK.
Distressed frames are all the rage! 

$10 each, your choice

Pendant Necklaces

I have a number of ceramic pendant necklaces for sale. These are handmade (by me). You can purchase them right here in my online store, or buy them in person at my studio. Check the pendants catalog to see what’s in stock.

$21.95 – $25.95  –  older stock is on sale

I also have (not pictured)

  • More prints
  • 4 x 8 ft. work table – home made and ultra sturdy
  • Window A/C
  • Work Lamps
  • Miscellaneous planks of wood
  • Odds & Ends

Liverpool, NY 13088
e: jerry@jerryrussell.com

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