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Fido™ for Nighttime Metal Detecting

Fido™ for Nighttime Metal Detecting


Rechargeable LED Flashlight Kit

Originally designed to mount on the handle of a GoGo Stik®, the Fido™ flashlight kit is perfect for use with your metal detector for nighttime dirt fishing! I keep mine attached all the time, for those days when I’m caught out after dark, digging “just one more plug”.
Mounts easily, and stays put. The flashlight slides out of the bracket for hand-held use.

See how it mounts on your detector.


Fido™ in use on a couple Garrett machines

Fido™ mounted on Garrett ACE 350

Fido™ mounted on Garrett AT Gold

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• 2 USB Rechargeable LED Flashlights
• Angled Mounting Bracket
• Self Adhesive Hook-and-Loop Strips
• Instructions

Fido™ & GoGo Stik® logos and packaging designed by
Jerry Russell • Studio 309


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