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GoGo Stik Products Packaging

Client: Beaton Innovations, Inc.

Packaging design for all new products.

Alec Beaton of Beaton Innovations invented the GoGo Stik® and related products, which are sold and marketed under the Pooch Approved™ product line. Working directly with Alec, I design all of the packaging and marketing materials, logos, trade show displays and designed and maintain the website. It’s a relationship that started in a coffee shop several years ago, where I met Alec who came equipped with a rough prototype made from a broom handle, some cut up plastic jugs, glue and duct tape. It was enough of a proof-of-concept for me to see the value in making it real. Below are some of the packaging and marketing elements I’ve designed.

Retail Blister Packaging for all GoGo Stiks
Various models of GoGo Stik, and Fido® Flashlight accessory.

Dootie Bags and Heavy Dootie Bags, 100ct Dispenser Box Packaging
Recycled cardboard dispenser box and bioplastic handle-tie bags.

Feed the Pup Interactive Trade Show Display
Designed to demonstrate the “Catch-and-Go” technique, you “feed” treats into Dexter’s mouth and when you lift the tail, they come out the other end. People line up at trade shows to try it. Kids are especially entertained!




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