OAB Cuff Concept Models & Renders

Product concept and development sketches & models. For this project, I was contacted by the client to provide concept renderings for a product that was being developed. There was a rough idea about how the device would be implemented, and what it would look like. I helped shape the look and application of the device through concept sketches and 3D models. Some problems and possibilities aren’t evident until the idea is fleshed out through this process.

Modeled and rendered in StrataStudio 3D CX8.

Client: EBT Medical

Medium: 3D Model & Render

OAB Cuff

3D Render – OAB Cuff – Neoprene with zippered closure and windowed pocket for device. Device snaps into sensor connector built into pocket.

OAB Cuff Concept

Final concept sketch and device in use. 3D render overlaid on stock photo.

OAB Device

Bluetooth device with curved profile to wrap around leg comfortably.