• All about Pixels (well, some stuff about them)
    All about Pixels (well, some stuff about them)
    All about Pixels (well, some stuff about them) People get confused about pixels, and resolution, and image size and things of that sort when considering digital images. Here’s a little chart that will help explain some of the terms and hopefully demystify the subject. Feel free to share. Just let...
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  • Cosi fan Tutte
    There’s no such thing as computer generated art
    [Originally published April 27, 2014] It’s an entirely misleading term, computer-generated art. Digital art, or even just art would be more accurate in most cases. Computer generated art conjures an image of someone sitting back with their arms folded watching while a computer auto-generates a painting. This couldn’t be further from the truth...
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  • Chromatic Black Friday
    Chromatic Black Friday
    Impressionist painters avoided using straight black in the shadow and dark areas of their paintings because straight-from-the-tube black is a rather lifeless color. They chose instead to use chromatic blacks (a.k.a. mixed black), which usually don’t contain any black pigment. They are mixed either on the palette or in advance...
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  • En plein air
    En plein air
    En plein air is a French expression which means “in the open air” and is generally used to refer to the act of painting outdoors, It is also called peinture sur le motif (“painting on the ground”) in French. Typically, the painting is done on site, often in one session and depicts...
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  • Giclée
    Giclée (zjee-KLAY) is a neologism coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made on inkjet printers. The name originally applied to fine art prints created on IRIS printers in a process invented in the late 1980s but has since come to mean any inkjet print....
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