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Dr. Jerry’s Coin Squeezins

Dr. Jerry’s Coin Squeezins


Dr. Jerry’s Coin Squeezins are just what you need to clean off your silver and valuables in the field!
Just add water!


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Genuine & Bona Fide!

Dr. Jerry’s Coin Squeezins are just what you need to clean off your dirt-fished silver in the field. No more rubbing dirt off with the fingers! You may as well use a pumice stone on that old coin!

Dr. Jerry’s comes complete!

O.K., almost complete. You gotta add the water!
Distilled water. Tap water. Well water. Lake water … Tears of joy! Anything’s better than scrubbing that coin with dirt!

  • Apothecary style 2oz brown glass bottle (empty)
  • Spritzer pump apparatus with plastic cap
  • Fancy, custom designed hand-applied label. (Label is vinyl and UV coated)

To be clear, this is an empty bottle. It’s a novelty. It’s a fancy looking, sturdy, brown glass bottle with a custom designed label that you fill with water, or your very own favorite silver coin washing concoction. The bottle is designed to look like an old apothecary bottle, which is as it should be when you’re looking for coins from long ago.

~ Dr. Jerry

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